Christian Coaching is a unique approach to helping others, developing leaders, and transforming your church, ministry or organization. Coaches don’t tell people what to do or how to do it.  Coaches help leaders gain clarity, pursue their goals, identify what is important to them, and act accordingly.  It’s a proven and powerful way to develop leaders and empower those in your church, on your team or in your organization.

“Coach Training has helped me to shift from being a control-oriented leader whose ministry was limited to what I knew, could imagine or do, and could control to an empowerer of others who helps them discern and unleash the potential God has placed in them by his grace and Holy Spirit.  While it is much harder and requires more faith in God and others, the coaching model of leadership has vastly more potential because its power is not limited by the abilities of the person in the lead role.  I wish I had these insights and skills the last 25 years.”

-Dan Bouchelle
President, Missions Resource Network

“Coaching runs against the norms of American culture where teaching, advising, mentoring and counseling others is so expected. By listening deeply and asking questions, I help a person discover the wisdom God already has placed inside them.”

– Lanny Tucker
Eastern European Missions

“I have experience and training in counseling, mentoring, and coaching. When it comes to my day to day interactions with people, I find myself more consistently drawing from my coaching toolbox than any of the others”

. – Bret Wells
Missional Wisdom Foundation

“As a Christian, I believe that the principles of Life Coaching line up perfectly with the Biblical doctrines of encouragement, accountability, and the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Believer. And Mission Alive works to implement these principles with Biblical integrity.”

– Debbie Kilgallin
Life Coach, Minnesota

“Through coaching I help others understand their values, which push and motivate them towards their goals and I help them develop a vision, which pulls them towards a successful future.”

– Wesley Esquivel
The Grace Place

“This Christian Coaching thing is changing my life for the GOOD! and transforming my ministry and the way I do it!”

– Manuel Calderon