The heart of Christian living is learning to hear God’s voice and following Him into the world as disciples. Discipleship Cohorts (DCs) are small groups of Christians who meet weekly to encourage healthy spiritual disciplines of listening and following God. DCs are a powerful, reproducible tool for spiritual growth, church renewal, and leadership development. There are three types of Discipleship Cohorts:


Level 1

(4 Months)

Small groups of six to eight Christians who meet weekly to support each other in the practices of listening to God via prayer, Scripture, and Mission. These groups are appropriate for both new and seasoned Christians who want to grow spiritually and move forward in their relationship with God. Level 1 groups meet for four months creating rhythms and using materials you can reuse to continue encouraging spiritual growth and discipleship in your ministry.

Level 2

(4 Months)

Learn the leadership skills needed to lead level 1 cohorts. These DCs explore the core leadership concepts and train leadership skills that encourage growth and foster healthy, spiritually-focused groups. Level 2 cohorts also meet online weekly for about an hour and are appropriate for those who have completed level 1 and are interested in leading level 1 DCs.

Level 3

(4 Months)

Learn to lead groups of Level 2 DC leaders. These cohorts will focus on the unique challenges of multiplying groups, raising leaders, and practicing spiritual discernment as a community. Level 3 groups meet online weekly for about an hour and are appropriate for those who have completed Level 2 training and want to build a discipleship culture within your ministry.


New Discipleship Cohorts are forming all the time.