New Churches

Since 2004 Mission Alive has trained courageous Christian leaders to start new churches throughout North America – churches with a particular focus on those disconnected from God.  Different from many church planting ministries, Mission Alive does not subscribe to a particular model of church.  Rather, Mission Alive trains leaders to be domestic missionaries – developing their ministry strategy by combining in-depth cultural research and good, contextual theology.

Is God calling you to start new churches?
  • Has God laid on your heart a passion for seeing disconnected people connect with Him?
  • Is there a developing population in your area that needs a viable church?
  • Should your congregation give birth to a movement of new churches throughout your region?
  • Do you hunger to share the love of Christ in new and meaningful ways?
  • Have you been resisting God’s calling to be one of His ‘sent ones’?
The Challenge

An alarming percentage of church startups in North America fail, often because individuals launch into church planting without:

  • developing an adequate theological foundation for the new church,
  • fully understanding the local culture and how to speak to into that culture in ways they can understand,
  • the ability to implement strategies which effectively bring unbelievers to Christ.

 Mission Alive is here to help you by providing assessment, training, coaching and collaborative networking within a community of church planters.  We believe that no one should plant a church alone.  Church planters must learn from each other and be part of a community of learning.